For Your Road Trip Adventures, Spotify’s Most Popular Travel-Inspired Playlists


Spotify is, for many of us, the most important app on our phones (aside from the text messaging app). Music has become as much a part of our everyday lives as eating and sleeping, and it’s almost unheard of for someone to not be listening to music while doing daily tasks and chores. Music is playing in our ears as we clean the house, in our headphones as we work, blasting in the gym while we work out, blaring out in restaurants or at home as we eat – and it’s even coming out of our own speakers when we’re driving. After all, are you just driving if you’re not listening to music?

Since 2019, travel has taken a plunge and a wild turn, and with it, the notion of what a typical vacation entails. With the uprooting of vacations as we knew them, road trips have quickly and almost effortlessly replaced exotic destinations and ten-hour plane rides to other countries. The playlists we would have made for the plane ride have now been repurposed as playlists for a long car ride, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Spotify and other music streaming apps have made it extremely simple for us to do so, and they also have their own user-curated and data-based playlists to help pass the time while driving.

Spotify Will Assist You In Making A Playlist

Spotify’s ‘Soundtrack your Ride’ generator will guide users through a series of questions based on their personal preferences, and then curate a soundtrack that is tailored to their preferences. This is a big deal for those who value not only good music for a long car trip, but music that reflects who they are as individuals and what they enjoy listening to.

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This simple tool is worth its weight in gold for upcoming road trips, as it allows drivers (and passengers, if they’re given the option of being a DJ) to make their own playlists for the ride with almost no song-searching. Spotify’s artificial intelligence already knows what kind of car you’re driving and who’s accompanying you, so the process eliminates any guesswork from a playlist. Is it creepy? Yes, but it’s also pretty cool.

Spotify’s Playlists To Get You In The Mood To Travel

Spotify also creates playlists based on almost any criteria you might possibly have. Moods, events, genres, and even sub-genres and interests are all represented in these playlists. There’s a whole world of music out there, and the best way to prepare for a road trip is to dive right in and see what appeals to you. Whatever music lights your soul on fire and makes your heart sing (or your vocal cords sing, as the case may be) is guaranteed to be a perfect playlist to launch a road trip with. There’s only one playlist to rule them all, according to Spotify: ‘The Best Driving Songs 2021.’

This playlist includes hits ranging from big band and swing era classics to modern-day music that will make you dance in your seat (not you, drivers), and it’s pretty diverse and scattered… which also happens to make for the best road trip music. The first song on the playlist is Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mac,’ which will get you in the mood with some smooth, catchy RnB/hip hop. Then there’s REO Speedwagon, Bruce Springsteen, R. Kelly, The Cars (pun intended), and even the Vengaboys for a little 90s earworm.

The playlist spans so many decades that it’s sure to deliver one hit after another. Anyone with Spotify accounts can skip any song they don’t like with an infinite number of skips. At the very least, this playlist serves as a fantastic starting point for coming up with ideas for your own personal playlist.

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Other common user-recommended (and frequent traveler) playlists include those made by the streaming app itself. While on the drive, a playlist called ‘Positive Vibes’ contains, well, all the good vibes you might possibly like. This is a classic feel-good playlist that will have everyone singing along as they settle in for those long hours on the road. ‘Hanging Out and Relaxing’ is another common option for a relaxing playlist, with just over six hours of music to listen to. ‘Roadtrip with Friends,’ a fun alternative for shorter road trips with just under three hours of music, is a fun option that includes everyone’s favorite car ride favorites. When a playlist finishes, Spotify does this amazing thing where it keeps playing music based on the playlist you were listening to – so don’t let the duration of a playlist deter you from listening to it.