Tasmania is stunning, and you can add these experiences to your bucket list.


This Australian island state is home to some dreamy scenery and is an overlooked yet truly stunning island.


Tasmania is a lesser-known part of Australia’s natural beauty, and although tourism is growing, most people have never visited. This is also an Australian territory with several lesser-known but still beautiful beaches. This is shocking in and of itself, given how pristine and majestic this small coastal island state is just off the coast of Melbourne.

The Bass Strait connects the mainland to this island, which is the world’s 26th largest. With a population of 537,000 people, this island has everything to offer all, from breathtaking scenery to tiny, historic towns with excellent shopping and dining. It is not one of the world’s most isolated islands, but it is only accessible by land or sea, and the journey is well worth it.

Bay Of Fires

It’s easy to understand how the Bay of Fires got its name. This coastline’s rocks are coated in bright orange lichen, giving them the image of being on fire, hence the name. Exploring these rocky outcroppings is relatively simple with good footing, and the bay itself is stunning.

With its crystal-clear waters and striking blue sky, it’s also a perfect spot for photography and enjoying a lazy day at the beach. The contrast between the lichen-covered rocks and the bay’s azure water is truly breathtaking.

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Hike Mount Wellington

Hiking Mount Wellington isn’t as difficult as it seems, and unlike other hikes in the region, it’s easy and well worth the effort. Visitors can get a nearly 360-degree view of the city below from the spectacular boardwalk, which stretches from coast to coast.

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Hiking at sunset is famous because the setting sun casts vivid colors across the distant mountainscape. This hike can be completed at any time of day, and the sight is still magnificent. Hobart, a neighboring town with a burgeoning art scene, some of the best coffee in the world, and even a vineyard, is also worth visiting.

Check Out Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay gets its name from the shape of its waters, which swirl into the shoreline and reach a beautiful white sand beach.

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Hikers can enjoy the views of this beach from a reasonably easy hiking trail above, or hike down to the beach to soak up some rays. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic and even better for relaxing, and it’s widely regarded as the best beach on Tasmania’s entire island.

Embark on a Bruny Island Cruise

Bruny Island, not far from Hobart, is a worthwhile place to visit. It’s easy to see why these island cruises are one of the most popular tourist experiences on the entire island. Guided seaside tours are the perfect way to see what this island has to offer, as it is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plant life.

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When tourists have done learning about the ecosystem in this natural setting, they can go into town and do even more exploring. It’s easy to spend an entire day in this region alone, with plenty of top-notch dining choices and gourmet treats like local cheeses and chocolate.

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