The West Coast vs. The East Coast of Australia: 10 Photos to Help You Decide


Never-ending roads in dried-out deserts are often used to portray Australia, when in fact, the country has an insane amount of diversity within its various regions.


If that’s your target, there’s plenty of green to be found. The numerous archipelagos of Australia can also be considered as island holiday destinations.

Various ethnic groups that are present in some areas but not in others add to the diversity of and town. The western and eastern coasts can only be radically different because society varies so much from city to city.

We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of each coast in this list to help you choose between them. Here are 20 pictures to help you pick between the west and east coasts of Australia.

10-West: When The Sun Sets, Relax On Spotless Beaches

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Beaches in eastern Australia become drier as you travel north. Western Australia, on the other hand, has a wide range of beautiful, secluded choices, according to Australia. The sun sets on this coast as well, making a night at the beach even more magical.

9-East: A Musical Festival For Every Genre

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In eastern Australia’s coastal towns, partygoers flock in droves, making their music festivals some of the world’s largest. From the massive Splendor in the Grass festival in New South Wales to the smaller St. Kilda beach party in Melbourne, there are plenty of choices.

8-West: Lush Wine Country Surrounded By Desert

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Western Australia’s wine country made our list of amazing places to visit due to its unusual location in Australia’s driest province. Along the river in the region’s heart, there are green woods and a long list of wineries, each with their own distinct flavors.

7-East: Indigenous Peoples in Greater Numbers

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“Almost two-thirds of Aboriginal people live in Australia’s eastern states,” according to Creative Spirits. Visitors will be taken on tours of religious sites and ancient rock art collections, where legends will be clarified. At cultural centers, descendants of the communities responsible for these sites perform traditional music and dances.

6-West: On this side of the world, waterfalls “fall” sideways.

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In Talbot Bay, water gushes through a gap between two rocky mountain ranges, generating the illusion of a horizontal waterfall. Visitors can ride a kayak or a boat through the narrow passage to experience the sensation of slipping through the foamy waters of a waterfall without the risk of falling.

5-East: Wherever you go, blend in with the crowd.

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The eastern coast is home to almost every well-known city, including Brisbane, Newcastle, and Sydney. The east coast is the place to go if getting to know the locals is something you want to do when traveling. Solo travelers who are susceptible to isolation will feel more at ease here as well.

4-West: The Sun Shines More Brightly

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When the sun sets in Western Australia, the personal night light blinks into dazzling motion. According to Australia’s Golden Outback, pollution from busy urban areas that never quite switch off the lights is held to a minimum out in the world. A clear view of Australia’s nocturnal landmarks is given to visitors.

3-East: Traveling from one location to another is easy.

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If you don’t want to restrict your time in Western Australia to one area, being forced to spend hours on a long highway is a legitimate concern. According to Lonely Planet, the east has trains, buses, and taxis available for travel between cities.

2-West: The Period Of Daylight Is Prolonged

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According to Perth Now, the sun shines brighter in Western Australia than anywhere else in the country. Anyone who finds the darkness of winter difficult to bear will find that a trip to the west coast will alleviate the dilemma. The number of hours that are ideal for outdoor activities has also increased.

1-East: Australia’s Best Party Towns

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Australia is known for having a lot of places to drink. Small pubs are plentiful, but getting into wild clubs and cool bars necessitates a trip to a major city. While the west has its populous capital, the east benefits from the availability of many urban options.